African Wash cloths (sapo): The secret to smooth skin

Sapo is a term native to Ghana that is used to describe a traditional bathing sponge (wash net). Women in West Africa have historically made these nets from an indigenous plant called ahensaw. This plant-based sponge has been used in West Africa for thousands of years and was passed down generationally. As it is such an established culture, there have been numerous efforts attempting to protect the unique sponge. In order to do so, people started making it out of 100% nylon. This evolution led to increased durability and preservation of a singular net, while providing radiant skin for both men and women alike. These native sponges are particularly effective as the net pattern allows easy cleaning and effective drying, while maintaining the users soft skin. Additionally, unlike conventional bathing sponges used around retain or conceal hidden bacteria or odors; making it the ideal solution for long term use. 

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